less likely in a sentence

Is snoring less likely if you sleep on your side?

I’m much less likely to win her favors than you are.

The more difficult the questions are, the less likely I am to be able to answer them.

Studies show that people are less likely to intervene in an emergency if they in a crowd.

Studies show that women are much less likely than men to occupy positions of authority at work.

Studies show that the more money a person makes, the less likely they are to buy lottery tickets.

Studies show that in a crowd, each person is less likely to notice a potential emergency than when alone.

Studies show that in Thailand, where peaceful Buddhist teachings predominate, parents are less likely to spank their children.

Emile Durkheim hypothesized that the more integrated individuals are into their society, the less likely they are to kill themselves.

Studies show that in Thailand, where peaceful Buddhist teachings are common, parents are less likely to spank their children.

Studies show that although both men and women are sexually aroused by explicit visual stimuli, women are much less likely to admit to their arousal.

A recent study discovered that children who are rewarded for drawing are less likely to draw on their own than those who draw just for the fun of it.

If you try to get someone to do something by forcing them, it generally has the reverse effect, and actually makes it less likely that they will do what you want.

Studies show that Korean-Americans and Hispanics are less likely than Anglos and African-Americans to believe a patient should be fully informed about a serious illness.

An Australian scientist recently announced that people born in the autumn live longer than those born in the spring, and are less likely to fall chronically ill when they are older.

Studies show that people with disabilities are less likely to engage in regular moderate physical activity than people without disabilities, yet they have similar needs to promote their health, and prevent un
776151 There are neighbourhoods where the police are less likely to go.

But Russia’s sudden intervention in Syria has made that much less likely.

Unless this was genuinely a coding mistake, but that seems far less likely.

There are actions that could be taken to make events like this less likely.

But the collapse of his government has become less likely as the war rolls on.

They are less likely to fall off heads, it is argued, and can be worn in a car.

In all 31 countries, women are significantly less likely to know an entrepreneur.

192373 Does it make you more or less likely to buy from or invest in the company?

If you don’t have any money in savings, maybe you’re less likely to speed to work.