legislative power in a sentence

The town council has some legislative powers .

legislative power is divided between federal and state legislatures.

legislative power may be concurrently vested in different legislative bodies.

legislative power is vested in both government and parliament.

Where does legislative power in the church reside?

The Politburo exercised both executive and legislative powers .

legislative power is vested upon the Legislature.

He exercised legislative powers until September 1, 1900.

In addition, they did retain some theoretical legislative powers .

Our legislative power over the colonies is sovereign and supreme.

The Diet of Bosnia had very limited legislative powers .

The General Assembly has sole legislative power within the state government.

The Islamist-dominated upper house currently has legislative power .

A negative enumeration of legislative powers is included within the article.

The chamber is non-partisan and has limited legislative powers .

The legislative power should pass a drastic anti-corruption law .

This federal act defines the legislative power of the ACT assembly.

Jackson had claimed, in essence, legislative power as president.

The Parliament of Québec holds the legislative power .

An elevating act gave hitler’s particularlee visual legislative power .