legal representation in a sentence

There are several provisions governing legal representation .

Nothing is more expensive than ineffective legal representation .

Increasingly individuals are seeking legal representation to address hostile work environments.

There is a basic right to legal representation .

In many cases defendants have no legal representation .

No taxes or duties shall be levied without legal representation .

legal representation for a properly interested person is allowed.

Even gaining access to legal representation is an arduous process.

Love ‘s patent applications indicate he had legal representation .

No legal representation or any other parties are allowed.

Access to legal representation needs to be reviewed.

Each application for legal representation is assessed on its own merit.

This case underscores the importance of having top-notch legal representation .

He also understands that legal representation can become very expensive.

During the lengthy trial the accused had no legal representation .

He maintained a website dedicated to her legal representation .

Before an examining magistrate the accused is entitled to legal representation .

When and why was he arrested including access to legal representation ?