layover in a sentence

Previously, Montrealers wishing to visit eastern Asia had to make a layover.

A number of voters suggested booking layovers elsewhere — at all costs.

Its journey has taken it past Mars and on a short layover at the asteroid Vesta.

When getting drunk or belligerent became too exhausting, I went out exploring on layovers.

Reith said the two injured drivers were on a layover between their trips to pick up middle-school students and trips to pick up elementary students.

Heff departed Anvik in second after his eight-hour layover at 8:00 pm.

After a three-day layover there, the attack transport sailed for Cebu where she arrived on 19 September.

AC Transit has one quick stop with no layover at the same location between the terminals but on the fourth curb.

At the Canterbury Road terminus, a tram tuning loop was provided, this is currently used as a layover area for buses.

402714 Nearly all flights are nonstop, and there are none of the commercial hassle of layovers, connections and reboarding.

At this layover he spent hours to bend the bars then climbed out of the train window and escaped into the city of Toulouse.

There was a one week layover at NSA Fallon, Nevada, due to the aircraft being needed for the final evacuation from Viet Nam.

Following a four-day layover at Pearl Harbor and brief fuel stops at Midway and Guam, she arrived in Subic Bay on 11 December.