Lax in a sentence

use Lax in a sentence


[adjective] loose; Not strictly enforced; Lacking in strength, firmness;

Terrorist attacks were done in Malaysia, which has a relatively lax visa policy.

Parnevik noticed a lax in security this spring.

We should update lax gun laws in order to stop deaths.

Florida’s laws were so lax that dealers and addicts created elaborate, organized networks to obtain the pills.

If Toyota, or any other company, has been lax about safety, it should be held accountable and required to fix the problem.

The current economic crisis has many proximate causes: lax federal regulations, opaque debt instruments, market groupthink, and so on.

Business ethics are quite lax but this can make things very interesting and much more fun.

Although protected by law, enforcement is lax and should be strengthened.

Cooks tend to be more lax on hygiene when they are preparing barbecued food.