Lavish in a sentence

Use Lavish in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]large or expensive; wasteful, very generous;

He enjoys throwing lavish parties with unusual themes.

He was suspended after wasting church money on his lavish residence.

Most of the biggest and most lavish ones were constructed in the 17th century.

They threw lavish parties and went on exotic vacations.

He has a playboy reputation, is known — and criticized — for his lavish lifestyle.

He lived in a lavish home in Hancock Park, far away from Vernon, according to the New York Times.

The pair married at a lavish ceremony in Barcelos, Portugal in August, 2008.

The rich come here to ski and party in the lavishly decorated resort on Gold Mountain.

The President lavishly praised the efforts of his Vice-President.

We had a lavish dinner at an expensive restaurant for our wedding anniversary.

Frenchman’s Creek fared rather better with its lavish Technicolor sets and costumes.