Laud in a sentence

Use Laud in a sentence


Meaning: [verb]to praise someone or something;

Both actors were lauded with praise and awards attention.

He was lauded as a football hero until the faculty disapproved of his playing.

At the same time, the book largely supports the ‘surge’ strategy and lauds the President for adopting it.

Coaches have lauded Gaskin’s patient running style and natural vision.

He lauded his government’s child care benefit plan and job creation rates.

They panned the role of government and lauded the power of the free market.

Her actions were lauded as the highest expression of patriotism.

He was particularly lauded for his efforts to cut taxes.

The victims of the persecutions became lauded as martyrs.

Moore was also lauded outside the world of comics.

Both groups lauded the country for its moderate religious policy.