last-minute | in a sentence

We have a seat available on the airplane because of a last-minute cancellation.

The visiting team made a last-minute substitution to their line-up for the game.

If your travel plans are flexible, you can get a last-minute flight at a very low rate.

I was afraid there was going to be a bus strike, but apparently they were able to negotiate a last-minute settlement.

Here are a few of the most unique ideas for last-minute gift givers.

The justices rarely issue last-minute reprieves to death-row inmates.

There will be a last-minute lobbying effort against Wheeler’s proposal.

Still looking for some last-minute gift ideas for family or friends (or you!)?

You can also try websites that specialize in last-minute travel for cheaper options.

A last-minute Move to Lower Your Taxes Cheapism 1 day ago Louis DeNicola Why an IRA?

Reports in Greece said Mr Juncker sent a last-minute offer to Greece on Monday night.

Other times, such as in Las Vegas, it’s a last-minute decision and a scramble down the aisle.

Mulcair said Canadians would judge Harper on his 10-year record and not on last-minute promises.

Did safety concerns and the recent FIFA and DFB scandals result in last-minute changes of opinion?

2015’s Most Terrifying last-minute D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes Halloween is right around the corner!

Conservatives in the House Republican Conference chafed at the last-minute deal crafted in private.

Even if Varoufakis does make a last-minute deal to fend off default, the respite will not last long.

last-minute changes will also be posted on the main departure boards and the platform indicator signs.

Still, for many the last-minute expiration of the Patriot Act powers offered the worst of both worlds.