large proportion of in a sentence

The largest proportion of funds is received through local authorities.

Urban locations typically involve a larger proportion of minority participants.

Women represent the larger proportion of factory employees.

The modern military has a larger proportion of married military members.

large proportion of his analysis is still considered valid today.

A very large proportion of the inhabitants are sailors.

These losses included a large proportion of senior officers.

large proportion of parasite species are threatened by extinction.

large proportion of the victims were government soldiers .

large proportion of such schemes never finish at all.

large proportion of carbon dioxide emissions occur because of transportation.

large proportion of the ultrasound assessments named an anomaly detected.

large proportion of Slavic speakers emigrated there.

large proportion of the population ignored these calls.

Kathmandu has a larger proportion of tea drinkers than coffee drinkers.

large proportion of the island is circled by coral reefs.

large proportion of new users came from mobile.

This still leaves a large proportion of the variation unexplained.

An unusually large proportion of these people are alcohol abusers.

large proportion of good readers; sound religious instruction.

A very large proportion of the early ammunition shipments had been bombs.

large proportion of the study participants said alternative treatments were helpful.

large proportion of endemic organisms are closely associated with primary forests .

large proportion of stroke survivors complain they feel “tired”.