laptop in a sentence

Other laptops may use different key combinations.

A digital camera and laptop computer are essential.

The laptop is only 18 months old.

The present centre writes both illegal and admirable laptop .

Wireless access for laptop computers is available.

The massive laptop came out right away.

The laptop program was once again extended throughout the school.

The wireless networking has much greater range than typical consumer laptops .

Another common accessory is a laptop cooler.

This has happened across both workstation and laptop recently.

A used laptop is always a gamble.

This laptop is filled with many more great features.

It cools laptop and motor is silent .

The keyboard layout runs against some laptop conventions .

Windows 8 laptops are getting cheaper – will consumers bite?

The laptop looks very nice and solid.

All three laptops are running Windows 8.

My laptop is rarely off AC power .

But the laptop has been acting up.

We also gave laptop computers to several high school students.