landmass in a sentence

Since the explosion of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, one fifth of the total landmass of Belarus has become a zone of radioactive contamination.

All the landmass of the Earth, plus some, could fit into the Pacific Ocean.

In fact, the six most valuable states were also among the 10 smallest states by landmass.

Geographically, southern Europe is the southern half of the landmass of Europe.

Map from 1771, showing “Terres Australes” ( sic ) label without any charted landmass.

Each area introduces new NPC’s, and certain NPC’s have moved landmasses from the first game.

The landmass map now consists of a grid, featuring super deformed icons of characters located on the grid.

Dividing against the Indian landmass, the monsoon flows in two branches, one of which strikes western India.

583975 The Korean Peninsula extends about 1000 km southward from the northeast Asian continental landmass.

The Canadian province of New Brunswick ‘s municipalities cover only 20% of its landmass, but 80% of its population.

Thus ‘Palignar’ and ‘Palurte’ were passes through it that entered directly onto the landmass where Cochin city sits.

While Japan, Australia, and Ireland are mentioned, these names refer to the landmasses and not the former countries.

The Pennine Basin received input of sand and mud largely from southerly directed rivers from these northern landmasses.

527837 There are no oceans or landmasses to cause local heating, and the rotation speed is much faster than it is on Earth.

Superman, after regaining his strength from the sun, lifts the landmass after putting layers of earth between him and the Kryptonite.

Since 1969, at least half of its landmass has disappeared under water, leaving only five square kilometers (1235 acres).

Were they sharing ideas across the Asian landmass?

In this era, all the landmasses form one single continent similar to Pangaea.

The bulk of the people were, but now left trying to survive on a pitifully small landmass.

The Korean Peninsula extends southward from the northeast part of the Asian continental landmass.

The monsoonal airflows are caused by annual alternating high pressure and low pressure over the Central Asian landmass.

He also did not anticipate running into a landmass before he reached the East Indies.

Asia is a very large landmass.

Asia and Europe form a huge landmass.

Xinjiang occupies one – sixth of China’s landmass, with Tibet the second – largest province.

Oceania is a separated ? landmass, but it is separated? from Asia by very shallow water.

Over 100 million years ago, the Indian sub-continent broke off from the large, southern landmass, Gondwanaland and moved north.

The Jal-Pur desert is the most notable desert on the continent and occupies most of the central expanse of the southern landmass.

Ocean models suffer from this problem too, unless a rotated grid is used in which the North Pole is shifted onto a nearby landmass.

9 Using these in part with satellite imaging systems has produced an accurate depiction of underlying landmass, which was unknown in the past.