Lampoon in a sentence

Use Lampoon in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to talk about someone or something in a funny way, makibg them feel or seem stupid;

The song lampoons the Vietnam War draft.

His confrontational style of politics was also lampooned.

That political incident was widely lampooned by Toronto Sun cartoonist Andy Donato.

Thatcher was lampooned by satirist John Wells in several media.

Pop artists used the language and images of advertising to lampoon consumer culture.

The affair was lampooned in the press as “Pig-gate,” and had the entire country laughing at the prime minister.

His songs often lampooned both British and American culture.

Endlessly lampooned and caricatured, he is nevertheless a figure for the ages.

This has been discussed in an article by Tom Bissell and lampooned in comic strips.

The San Francisco papers lampooned and scrutinized Wyatt for a full month, questioning his honesty.