Laconic in a sentence

Use Laconic in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] using jsut a few words; to be brief; to the point ;

Gibson was also known for his notable and laconic quotes.

‘She’s just left, ’ said Sandra laconically.

Wild’s laconic comment was “Good old Joyce”.

Ronnie uses his laconic wit to cover the reality with a few words.

Franz is killed and the film ends at his laconic funeral.

Gibbs’ laconic explanation: “Your case, your lead.

He is famous for his laconic and highly ironic style, which often makes use of tragicomic twists.

His laconic war diaries were published in 1987, edited by Professor Brian Bond.

His careless dress and laconic speech were typical Mafia affectations.

What he presents here is tantalizingly laconic – long on mood, short on details.