Lackluster in a sentence

Use Lackluster in a sentence


Meaning: [ ]not exiting, shining, dull; monotonous;

The bad weather conditions seemingly played a role in his lackluster match.

I was embarrassed at how lackluster they did everything tonight.

Eva’s photo was also deemed lackluster .

It received lackluster reviews and general disdain from fans.

His lackluster performance on the field was made worse by his troubles off the field .

The plots of the first two films were rather lackluster .

Annoyingly though, the ending is rather lackluster .

The economy remains lacklustre after the government scandal.

Visitors have stated shock at the marina’s lackluster visual appeal.

Was the quality of the video lackluster ?

Despite the lackluster performance , Girardi insisted he remains confident his team can turn things around.