lack of in a sentence

Industrial growth in Panama has been restricted by the country’s lack of natural resources.

Sometimes a less talented athlete can compensate for his lack of ability by practising more.

The accident occurred because of a lack of attention on the part of the driver of the truck.

He was repeatedly frustrated in his attempts to get a job because of his lack of experience.

Ken Hakuta once observed that lack of money is no obstacle, but lack of an idea is an obstacle.

One can’t fault Herman for lack of effort in gym class, it’s just that he’s not very coordinated.

His lack of experience has been a significant constraint on his ability to move up in the company.

Someone once said that lack of opportunity is often nothing more than lack of purpose or direction.

lack of dependable rainfall has made water an extremely important natural resource throughout Libya.

Many learners tend to blame teachers, teaching materials, or circumstances for their lack of success.

I sometimes think that people who appear to have a big ego actually suffer from a lack of self-esteem.

The low number of people attending the lecture is a clear indication of lack of interest in the topic.

The team faced a chorus of boos after finishing losing the final game due to poor play and lack of effort.

The woman was detained by police for over 5 hours before finally being released due to a lack of evidence.


Jones’ dismissal from the company was due to his frequent absences, and his lack of hard work.