Laceration in a sentence

Use Laceration in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] a cut;

Most facial trauma in children involves lacerations and soft tissue injuries.

Smeltz ‘s facial laceration required 18 stitches afterwards.

His right eye was battered and had a superficial laceration .

He also suffered severe lacerations to both arms.

Other injuries could include broken bones, crushed limbs and lacerations .

In addition, deep lacerations may result in disfiguring scars.

Death was due to lacerations of the heart and multiple injuries.

The most seriously injured suffered skull fractures, lacerations and internal injuries.

The victim suffered a fractured tibia and a laceration .

The legs of a horse require routine observation for lacerations or swelling.

He suffered bruises and lacerations in the attack and required medical treatment.