Labyrinthine in a sentence

Use Labyrinthine in a sentence

Labyrinthine sentences;

Meaning: [adjective]complicated; difficult to understand or deal with

He was trapped with a severe head injury almost 3,281 feet underground, in a gigantic and labyrinthine cave system.

But though it is a street system – buried and labyrinthine, though it may – the PATH isn’t public.

The Industry City complex can be a bit labyrinthine; the most direct entry to the market is at 241 37th Street.

The world Bacigalupi creates is so cool, especially the labyrinthine exploration of old oil tankers.

It is the story of Goldman overcoming his fear of Mexico City’s manic traffic to drive his way through its labyrinthine streets.

In the labyrinthine mess of the locked office she eventually discovers the bound and murdered body of Lisa in a chair facing the back wall.

A scarcity of signs in foreign languages leaves many scratching their heads as they navigate labyrinthine subways.

I sat with staffers from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) as they grappled with that labyrinthine problem.

They face services stretched to breaking point and a system which seems labyrinthine and unnavigable.