Knotty in a sentence

Use Knotty in a sentence

Knotty ;

Meaning: [adjective ]complex; difficult to solve ;

Then come the knotty and volatile political questions.

The issue is much too knotty for me to discuss.

The prosecutor called diplomatic immunity a “complicated area of law” and a “knotty issue.”

It was a knotty point, and so the ladies found it over their cups of afternoon coffee.

In Yathrab, a lush agricultural area of vineyards and sunflower fields further south, negotiations have been particularly knotty.

The extension of the electrodes and the bringing of them together is the knotty part of the question.

I had nothing else to do but solve some knotty point.

English grammar can be very knotty at times, so it’s better not to worry too much about understanding all the rules.