Kindle – Rekindle in a sentence

Use Kindle – Rekindle in a sentence

Kindle ;

Meaning: [verb] to start a fire ;

Construction workers were on the roof, surrounded by highly flammable building materials, when they kindled.

Safaris to Africa kindled her intense desire to paint endangered wildlife.

A few days off can rekindle relationships that have suffered because of your working life.

His flight to Mexico rekindled anger over that sentence.

The historic fire season has also re-kindled a long-running debate.

For the French, it extinguished those same dreams, never to be rekindled.

The pair divorced in 2004, but rekindled their relationship two years later.

Now it does not, could that rekindle debate about reforming the electoral system?

The Ukraine crisis has rekindled fears of Russia expanding its influence in the Baltic.