journalism in a sentence

He is a big man in journalism.

I’d like to get into journalism in the future.

Geoffrey Ward once suggested that journalism is merely history’s first draft.

Sue is planning to study journalism, and hopes to become a television news reporter.

The President’s drunken speech to the U.


has become a legend in journalism circles.

John Hershey once said that journalism allows its readers to witness history, fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it.

Musician Frank Zappa once suggested that most rock journalism consists of people who cannot write interviewing people who cannot talk.

Musician Frank Zappa once said that rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read.

What is political science?

From the political, people will probably first associate it with the political incidents that enliven journalism.

923528 What do you think is making tech and gaming journalism sick””?”

“I am a writer who happens to use some tools of journalism,” she said.

He was a great proponent of the “show, don’t tell,” school of journalism.

925607 What really matters is that we do journalism of the highest order.”

Although she’s returned to journalism, she still misses the free pastries.

Yes, it was a stunt — but it was also a substantive moment of journalism.

She is an author and lawyer and has won multiple awards for her journalism.

It brought the golden rule of journalism into clear focus for me: objectivity.

journalism ethics professor Robert Drechsel discusses how this may affect NBC.

And as Kelly said, “I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism.”

The overall effect of this shift has been to affect how journalism is produced.

He said: “My dad is my inspiration as I would like to work in journalism one day.

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Even Vanity Fair features barely dressed starlets alongside its narrative journalism.

In 2009, the Canadian journalism Foundation honoured Schlesinger for his body of work.

428257 I used to go to Africa regularly to teach journalism under a US funded program.