jazz singer in a sentence

He is among the best jazz singers.

R&B and jazz singer Andra Day performs her powerful song, “Rise Up.”

A jazz singer would use the vibrato a lot, but his projection is quite straight.

Was a jazz singer and owned and ran the Bradley Ward House.

Betty Bebop (Carter) is a jazz singer, because that’s all she does.

Additionally Chastain was a jazz singer and lyricist who served in the Army.

The show’s theme song was performed by popular jazz singer Al Jarreau and became a hit.

He supported jazz singer Clare Teal in concert on 3 May 2007 at Parc and Dare Theatre, Treorachy Wales.

He remained with Basie until 1961, garnering some of the best exposure a blues and jazz singer could have.

Historian Douglas Crafton (1997) seeks to downplay the “total domestic gross income” of The jazz singer, $1.97 million (p.

Critical analysis Jack Robin’s use of blackface in his Broadway stage act is the primary focus of many jazz singer studies.

She began her career at age eighteen, working as a professional jazz singer in an Osaka jazz club, and joined Psy•S soon after.