Istanbul in a sentence

Istanbul has a lively and exciting nightlife.

Istanbul‘s cultural celebration debuts the following weekend.

And Istanbul is unbelievable and simply modern.

Istanbul‘s contingent liabilities remain under control and manageable.

Two major protests are held in Istanbul .

The splendid city of Istanbul has many unique and fascinating features.

Participants depart on overnight flights to Istanbul .

Istanbul is one of 16 Turkish metropolitan municipalities.

Some celebrities stood in different parts of Istanbul .

A second transmitter was also planned for Istanbul .

Former deputy chief of the Istanbul police.

This changed the musical makeup of Istanbul .

A cholera epidemic breaks out in Istanbul .

Istanbul was trying for the fifth time .

Armada preserves reserves and serves the Istanbul lifestyle!

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest metropolitan municipality and province.

In English the name is usually written ” Istanbul “.

Mehmed II renamed it ” Istanbul “.

The Istanbul Park circuit cost $150 million to build.

In the process, Istanbul was transformed.