irregularities in a sentence

The organization came under scrutiny following complaints of irregularities by a former employee.

The U.


observers at the election claim to have witnessed some irregularities in the voting.

Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was forced to resign in November of 1974 following allegations of irregularities in his private business affairs.

Some people believe that George W.

Bush became President instead of Al Gore only because of irregularities with the ballots in some parts of the state of Florida.

Wrzesnewskyj, citing voting irregularities, challenged the results in court.

Town officials were notified by Chase Bank of irregularities in their account.

Critics say the Zimbabwe cases points to wider irregularities in the trophy-hunting industry.

Police were asked to investigate after an internal review uncovered “financial irregularities.”

No one was convicted of this crime and the original judicial probe was riddled with irregularities.