ironically in a sentence

Unfortunately, Maggie was ironically blinded by Tobias’ spray of perfume.

Somewhat ironically, it was the shortest home run McGwire hit that season.

The plan, ironically as it turned out, became known as the Plan de Iturbide.

Beyond that lay the unforgiving wastes of the ironically named Oxygen Desert.

Despite his age and experience, Ron, ironically, doesn’t know what a Fascist is.

The win ironically, is the last playoff victory for the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

She has a crush on the idol Oboro Mochizuki, who ironically acts a lot like Ageha.

The story-within-a-story often ironically paralleled and parodied the story itself.

Their ultimate efforts in this direction would ironically lead to Faisal’s downfall.

Sales managers and a Head of News were all recruited, ironically from Radio Victory.

The chain, which would be used in the ritual, is ironically Raven, his current chain.

With Das Dreimäderlhaus, ironically, his music finally became famous in a stage work.

Kotomine recalls how he had ironically given Rin Azoth all those years ago as he dies.

An extensive toxic spoil-heap from the Gasworks was known ironically as ‘Beckton Alps’.

Margaret has a gun (the gun she, ironically, took from Billy in their earlier session).

Although she is the cooking teacher, it was revealed that she (ironically) cannot cook.

Rob finds the fault in their wiring, ironically enough, in the socket with the broken bulb.

Falstaff then responds ironically by confronting his honourable servants and shouts (L’onore!

In an ironically similar situation, Youhei ends up entrusting his own Jinki to a wounded Riku.

Klecko was signed this offseason by the Colts after he was released by ironically, the Patriots.

Yet, ironically, black Brazilians did not participate in these Carnival parades or in the blocos.

This ironically accomplished one of the goals that was to be met with the construction of Mirabel.

But ironically women are still discriminated in the “secred” sphere of the church on gender basis.

Kabakov’s building was ironically designed with less ambition than Tatlin’s but is far more functional.

Jaws is shown ironically biting the shark to death, before swimming to freedom (to return in Moonraker ).

And, ironically, they were all perfect in the same, uninteresting way so that ended up making them all mediocre.

He possesses extensive knowledge of the library’s collection but ironically not the layout of the library itself.

Still unhappy while at Camden, Clay ironically longs to return home to L.A.; he had wished the reverse in Less Than Zero.

His first winner came at Epsom in 1937 on a horse called Lilirene, the last winner Bobby Lewis rode to victory ironically.

Caldia’s Orb’s only thoughts are those of pure malevolence, though, ironically, hates the human race for such sins as well.

The rest of the Sinister Twelve were subdued by the heroes and arrested; Gargan ended up, ironically, in Osborn’s old cell.

She became the first UT player to be named NCAA player of the week, ironically, in the very first week of her collegiate career.

His later films were also not popular, because he was now ironically seen as ‘too Americanized ‘ during a time of ‘Nationalism’.