invincible in a sentence

use invincible in a sentence


[andjective] too strong to be defeated, impossible to defeat;

Young and succesful sportsmen think of themselves as invincible.

The enemy was powerful but not invincible.

You can feel like invincible in those sports if you’re having a lot of success.

This sport tends to attract those athletes who consider themselves invincible.

Young men think they are invincible, but as long as they carry on smoking, the damage is getting worse.

I was young, invincible. I didn’t think I had any problems.

Believing himself to be invincible, he did not take the impending battle seriously.

Armed only with a dustbin lid and plastic sword I was invincible.

With that game code, You will be able to become invincible, get unlimited ammo and all weapons.

The Red Army was believed to be an invincible guardian of the Soviet borders, ready to thwart any aggressor.