inundate in a sentence

use inundate in a sentence


[verb] to fill quickly beyond capacity with excessive amount of something,

Their village will be inundated when the nearby Xayaburi dam is completed.

The kids are inundated with too much homework.

Her eyes filled up at that. Green eyes inundated by tears.

Whenever he went on the radio, we would get inundated with phone calls.

Entire cities in Gujarat state have been inundated by surging rivers, with roads and railway lines paralyzed.

The color of blood inundates each corner of the world.

we’re currently getting inundated with requests.

He points out that he was inundated by calls from government officials.

All public lands are being inundated with this epidemic.

A one meter increase in sea level will have inundated downtown San Francisco and part of the Presidio.