intimidate – intimidation in a sentence

use intimidate – intimidation in a sentence


[verb] to make timid or fearful, frighten;

Toby is able to intimidate the other children because he is so much bigger than them.

Their team set out to deliberately intimidate our players by swearing at them, and telling our kids they were going to hurt them on purpose.

The hard-sell approach at that computer store often intimidates people into making unnecessary purchases.

The mayor feels that skateboarders on the sidewalks may intimidate the elderly, and should therefore be banned.

The U.S. alleged that China was trying to intimidate the people of Taiwan into voting against the proposal.


[noun] The act of frightening a weaker person to make them do something;

Accusations of intimidation by police against the demonstrators are being investigated.

International observers say the election was won through intimidation, violence, and bribery.

Joshua Meyrowitz once observed that while power rests on intimidation, authority survives through inspiration.

Someone once remarked that people are changed, not by coercion or intimidation, but by example.

The government ruthlessly suppresses the opposition through murder, torture and intimidation.