intertwine in a sentence

Their worlds intertwined but never quite collided.

Congressional policy and military strategy were intertwined .

Each episode typically intertwined several plots involving an ensemble cast.

External reality and psychic reality are thus inextricably intertwined .

This idea was often intertwined with antisemitic ideas.

Privacy rights are inherently intertwined with information technology.

These thoughts gradually became intertwined with dissection.

There are two intertwined themes running through the tale.

The two aspects of music are intertwined .

Here science and philosophy get completely intertwined .

The principles of limited national powers and state sovereignty are intertwined .

Present day water and energy systems are tightly intertwined .

I was surprised how the three different love stories intertwined .

The three indexes of stress are intertwined for police officers.

The political sympathies were intertwined with the national feelings.

The ships were intertwined for about 30 seconds.

There are three intertwined historical reasons for this situation.

However, behavioral health and physical health concerns are often intertwined .

Of course, finance and psychology are intertwined .

Remember, so many things are intertwined .

Also, natural methods were intertwined with religious beliefs.

Of course, thinking and learning are necessarily intertwined .

This culture intertwines two more “extra” senses.

Environmentally sustainable and socially equitable development are inextricably intertwined .