interoperable in a sentence

Several examples of interoperable systems illustrate this point.

Web services are interoperable , where as .

The military has limited tactical capabilities, interoperable with NATO.

The network pattern accentuates on distributed environments and interoperable computing networks.

IPv6 is not directly interoperable by design with IPv4.

They’re going to become interoperable ,” he said.

Thunderbolt is interoperable with DP 1.1a compatible devices.

P25 is collaborative project to ensure that two-way radios are interoperable .

Vue provides a highly interoperable environment to accommodate any production workflow.

Messenger and MSN Messenger would become interoperable .

WCF is Microsoft platform for building distributed and interoperable applications .

It is NOT interoperable , nor freely adoptable.

He also expects the three versions to be interoperable by 1995.

Does it mention systems that must be interoperable with the application?

Standards create an interoperable platform that brings multiple disciplines to the table.

In theory, all P25 compliant equipment is interoperable .

These safety and traffic management systems are not interoperable with VMS.

There is no single defined standard for ” interoperable PTC systems”.

Support the acquisition or procurement of interoperable equipment or technologies. iii.

He also argues in favor of interoperable and “open” DRM.

Q: Is this product interoperable with the .NET framework?

Together, these components implement an interoperable Identity Metasystem.

Last May, AIM and Gtalk became fully interoperable .

First, the UP and BNSF are interoperable across their systems.