interdependent in a sentence

In an increasingly interdependent world such sanctions cause significant suffering.

Both thematic groups alternate but remain continuously interdependent .

The complete set of interdependent relationships is examined.

They are often interdependent with stream restoration projects.

They are completely interdependent on each other.

They are also values that are interdependent .

All these relationships are mutual and interdependent .

What is left behind is a complex mix of interdependent issues.

Good days and good nights are interdependent .

The processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration are interdependent .

This is particularly important if tasks are interdependent and require coordination.

Rights that weakly support each other are interdependent .

The individual and external phenomena being seen as interdependent .

Language is therefore a system of interdependent entities.

Each relationship object is interdependent but the representation objective is unique.

The two cities are considered sister cities and are highly interdependent .

Individual and group goals when workers are interdependent .

These levels consist of many separate but interdependent sectors.

Back store and front store activities are both important and interdependent .

Human beings are made to be interdependent .