intentionally in a sentence

A large grinding stone was destroyed intentionally .

Both were intentionally mute on those topics.

Ballet shoes are intentionally created for ballet dancing.

There are ways to cause heart failure intentionally .

We intentionally keep a very low profile.

Doing wrong intentionally is called committing an evil.

It is possible this collection was intentionally placed here.

Most songs sound intentionally distorted and warped”.

A wrestler intentionally cutting himself to provoke bleeding.

The range of topics was intentionally broad.

Some analysts claim he intentionally attracted attention.

The main tests include intentionally popping the safety valves.

He never publicly acknowledged having flown there intentionally .

This is done intentionally and without apology .

Written expectations for successful job performance are often intentionally vague.

A player intentionally delays the match unnecessarily.

He intentionally avoided excavation of house sites.

We witness street children intentionally hit by speeding cars.

You will never intentionally harm another person.

The word “Diary” was intentionally misleading.

He was intentionally seated over the fuselage.