insurer in a sentence

The government pays insurers directly, on behalf of their customers.

The hospital becomes the insurer of last resort,” said Skolnick.

There’s abundant evidence that when health insurers merge, premiums rise.

Consumer Reports periodically publishes service ratings for large insurers.

You can find some of the less common discounts auto insurers may offer here.

Together, they would have the largest overall enrollment of any U.S. insurer.

The insurer has reduced its outlook for fourth-quarter earnings by $425 million.

One, GeneSight, made by Assurex Health, is covered by Medicare and some insurers.

At times he blasted politicians (“stupid”), insurers (“They’re making a fortune!”

Once this study is presented, most insurers will probably cover it, Mortimer said.

A dozen cooperative insurers set up and funded by Obamacare have failed this year.

Look for a plan from a high-rated insurer that includes an inflation rider.

Transgender advocates and the AAPC say the same can be done with private insurers.

Producers gave insurers discounts averaging 11% in 2014, financial statements show.

The shift won immediate support from insurers and the American Hospital Association.

That would force insurers to raise premiums or maybe exit markets altogether.

Under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, private insurers are required to cover vaccines.

Ironically, McWaters says, that lack of competition is starting to worry big insurers.