instructor in a sentence

Foreign instructors also followed courses in Switzerland with P-26.

Coaching is provided by qualified instructors for most of the games.

Hal performed well by the instructor‘s standards, and so did Michael.

His father played saxophone whereas his mother was a vocal instructor.

They may also be joined by contracted civilian instructors or volunteers.

In this way, the instructor would soon gain a few students for his new dojo.

The new designation was 3P1X1 for CATM instructors and 3P1X1A for gunsmiths.

The action seeks relief only on behalf of instructors residing in California.

Bernacchi’s family resided in the old religious instructor‘s house for a time.

23353 A hand grenade range instructor, right, observes an M67 grenade in flight.

A taekwondo instructor was brought in to teach the eliminated teams how to spar.

There are also similarities between the Jedi and ordained religious instructors.

A typical classload for an instructor is two to three 90-minute classes per day.

The band instructor teaches the jazz band, the middle school band, and orchestra.

For many years he travelled to Sydney every weekend to train with his instructors.

First, a picture on the front page that instructors can ask the client to describe.

Air Force presences on post, and all four branches provide students and instructors.

SFTIs can also become instructors themselves at TOPGUN at one point in their career.

Often an instructor is present to prompt the user into being more vocal as they work.

Several instructors from other styles transferred their schools to Koda’s organization.

Many of the students question her ability to measure up to the former riding instructor.

The class invited its instructors, past and present, as well as Daley to its graduation.

All Fokker flight crews are Vietnamese, but instructors and check pilots are expatriates.

There immediately became a severe shortage of instructors in the Flight Training Command.

In “Gotta Dance”, she is shown to be a ballet instructor at a dance studio in Wuzzleburg.

Additionally, he was an instructor at St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In most cases, the band counts with a color guard instructor, and a percussion instructor.

The Irvine event was organized by resident Tom Nguyen and dance instructor Jeremy Heckman.