instability in a sentence

The economy is recovering now after a long period of instability.

Gold prices are skyrocketing in the wake of financial instability.

The instability of the government has created a poor environment for investment in the country.

Political instability is currently the greatest challenge facing the newly independent Republic of Tajikstan.

The country’s economy has long been handicapped by its land-locked location, high energy costs, and history of instability.

Because it is geographically isolated, Lesotho has managed to avoid many of the recent wars, racist policies, and political instability that have troubled most of the African continent this century.

They also increasingly a source of instability to the entire region.

The 43-year-old says his dismissal would bring political instability.

Fear factors In some cases, it’s the by-product of income instability.

George also said continuous low rates can create instability in the markets.

The presence of foreign occupiers is the main cause of instability and chaos.

Political instability in many parts of the world is also stifling growth, it said.

King Abdullah II of Jordan brought back the topic of instability in the Middle East.

Another possibility is a minority government but that would mean instability, he said.

But harsh terms from Brussels are threatening to cause political instability in Athens.

It has triggered violence and instability in Burundi and Congo Republic, but not in Rwanda.