inside and out in a sentence

Paint both types dark gray inside and out .

This property is outstanding inside and out .

The building was interesting inside and out .

The condo is very nice inside and out .

Older buildings were modernized inside and out .

This featured retro styling inside and out .

I prefer open spaces both inside and out .

There are 185 exhibits inside and out .

His ears are dry inside and out .

The bags are very nicely made inside and out .

Temperatures ran high inside and out of parliament.

We are all beautiful inside and out .

The concrete rendering inside and out was also completed.

House painters paint houses, both inside and out .

It’s wonderfully detailed inside and out .

He knew my character inside and out .

I was soon thoroughly cured, inside and out !

It originally had rich Baroque ornamentation both inside and out .

Many churches were very richly decorated, both inside and out .