initiate in a sentence

use initiate in a sentence


1. [verb] to start something, such as a process or a new plan; to take the lead;

James Watt initiated the Industrial Revolution in 1769 with the invention of the steam engine.

The government of Denmark has initiated an aggressive campaign to persuade the Danish people to give up smoking.

He was praised for his efforts to help initiate a peace process aimed at ending more than three decades of war.

Essentially, several factors can initiate the feeling of loneliness, including a lack of satisfaction with ones social relationships.

It had recently initiated an inquiry into child protection, and was expected to report shortly on the findings.

A project examining the origins of agriculture on the Hungarian plain was initiated.

[verb] to take in as a member;

PINSTAP organisation initiated thirty new members last evening.

“African men are initiated into manhood when they reach the age of thirteen.