inhumane in a sentence

The way that they kill the dolphins is very inhumane.

Ghani condemned the attack as “inhumane and unIslamic.”

Andy Murray was spot-on when he described the conditions as “inhumane.”

62850 Anything less is an inhumane incentive for the chaos to continue.

126880 But many Democrats are resisting the change, calling it inhumane.

Police say the trips took place in “inhumane and dangerous conditions.”

Perhaps it was aggravation over the jail’s squalid, inhumane conditions.

In their fervour to address the inhumane, the do-gooders can often seem somehow un-human.

Hog wrestling – for some, it’s a county fair tradition; others call it inhumane and cruel.

The conditions at the camp have nevertheless also been criticised in both countries inhumane.

But there are already more than 3,000 living in inhumane conditions in the station’s passageways.

Newspapers and websites proclaimed Big Brother to be inhumane.

Tax Protestors argueCitation needed that prison for tax evasion is just as inhumane, for the same reasons.