Indolence in a sentence

Use Indolence in a sentence

Indolence meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] laziness;

Elve was no longer at college with us, having been officially kicked out for indolence the previous year.

Passivity, indolence and backwardness is not our preordained destiny.

With such great drowsiness and indolence this life becomes like a sleeping dream.

Nanjunda is on a visit, and seems to indulge in little but bike-riding and indolence.

He turned his life around after a past characterized by indolence and excessive drinking.

“We may be a bit lazy,” he says, “but indolence leaves space for good ideas.

I thing group work in the classroom encourages some students to go into indolence.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely into it, but I certainly enjoy the indolence of new technology and always have.

It has not been a home of luxury and indolence.