Indirect in a sentence

The software discovers indirect associations across multiple documents.

Our duties towards animals are merely indirect duties towards humanity.

In level flight progress is rather indirect .

Most measurement techniques used today are indirect .

A strongly associated indirect measure is income inequality.

The effect of high magnetic field is indirect .

indirect taxes are skewed towards the poor.

Of course the whole problem is indirect .

Math contains a concept called indirect proof.

The cured coating film was tested for indirect impact resistance.

You can always try being directly indirect .

Construction is generating 100 direct and 200 indirect jobs.

It therefore has direct and indirect benefits.

Central office handles modification requests and indirect discharge permits.

These costs include both direct and indirect costs.

indirect estimates of total crypt length were therefore made.

Common costs are another notable type of indirect cost.

Development causes both direct and indirect effects.

The therapist should begin with indirect social pressure situations.

These rules affect both direct and indirect exchanges.

What makes some indirect speech acts conventional?