indignation in a sentence

His indignation got the better of him.

“This was an extremely despicable act and we feel strong indignation.

Could this journalist’s article be a sign of that indignation not at all diminutive?

The Iranian reaction to the speech has been a combination of indignation and indifference.

I can’t wait to hear you squeal with indignation when Bloomberg has the audacity to support someone who isn’t on your approved list.

The arrests had caused great indignation.

She was later released without charge to the indignation of DC Hooch.

Deep red make-up indicates anger, obstinacy, indignation, forcefulness.

Following Saratoga, the indignation in Britain against Burgoyne was great.

This has disturbed the Islamic world and aroused the indignation of all Muslims”.

Righteous indignation is a sort of mean between joy at the misfortunes of others and envy.

Moaveni identified two factors which may have contributed to the intensity of Iranian indignation over the film.

Hopeless despair or burning indignation may be the emotional reaction to repeated and persistent misuses of power.”

Therefore, we who are not Jews must speak, speak our sorrow and indignation and disgust in so many voices that they will be heard.