Indiana || in a sentence

A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana’.

My dad has just gotten a job in his company’s headquarters in Indiana’polis, so we’re going to move in a couple of months.

In 2014, Indiana’ ranked No. 1 in the nation for teen driving deaths.

It is the fourth crash involving a Megabus in Indiana’ since October.

A man was shot and killed on Indiana’polis’ east side Thursday morning.

291670 He was also a longtime columnist for the Indiana’polis Recorder.

He said, ‘Mom, I’m coming back to Indiana’polis,’ Jane Reitz remembered.

Rubio, meanwhile, backed Indiana’‘s law during an appearance on Fox News.

Central Indiana’ isn’t the only place where these threats have been made.

By the time he was 13, he was dreaming of playing for the Indiana’ Pacers.

Mostly, this was a reminder that New England is better than Indiana’polis.

Cuttliffe said he would have not been able to continue if Indiana’ tied it.

But some have moved to Indiana’ from out of state just to go to the school.

October 7, 2014 – Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Colorado and Indiana’.

Teamed with Steven Spielberg to make the “Indiana’ Jones” series of movies.

Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area is about 140 miles north of Indiana’polis.

Indiana’polis-based Anthem Inc. sank nearly 7 percent, or $9.50, to $127.86.

116187 Broncos coach Gary Kubiak is 4-12 in his career against Indiana’polis.

He says Indiana’ is “the American Melting Pot we all learned about in school.

Indiana’ University gets 8,000 freshmen every fall, about half of them women.

Indiana’polis’ Marvin Harrison set the league record with 143 catches in 2002.

The Patriots crushed the Indiana’polis Colts 45-7 to win the AFC championship.

The mall’s security staff and Indiana’polis Police Department responded quickly.

Marijuana is currently illegal in Indiana’ for both medical and recreational use.

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