indemnity in a sentence

France also had to pay a war indemnity of 700 million francs to the allies.

Moreover, the Soviet Government undertook to pay an indemnity to the Germans.

New York: Ballantine Books, 1992, p. 62 France was also required to pay an indemnity.

Lesser conditions of indemnity provide a benefit greater than the price that is paid.

The term means that in civil cases of indemnity you can never predict the result (sentence).

By contrast, an indemnity is like saying “Let him have the goods, I will be your paymaster.”

When her father’s estate was divided, she got no land, but received an indemnity in money instead.

Polybius states the financial burden of war indemnity forced Antiochus III to loot temple treasuries.

The Raja accepted the rule of British and the Company asked the Raja to pay 1,000,000 rupees as war indemnity.

Ferry’s government demanded an apology, an indemnity, and the immediate implementation of the terms of the Tianjin Accord.

In 1796 the margrave was compelled to pay an indemnity, and to cede his territories on the left bank of the Rhine to France.

This showing only went ahead when the filmmaker, Tracy Worcester, signed an indemnity taking personal responsibility for its content.