incorporating in a sentence

A projection lens incorporating aspheric elements to correct for spherical aberration .

The first clothing incorporating a zipper appeared in the 1930s.

The idea of incorporating Lego bricks with STEM caught on in Yakima.

By incorporating SaaS, Cloud Applications now accessible to everyone.

Well, unincorporating the city would mean they’d lose the post office.

Several large asset managers have started incorporating the technology.

A Grade 3 teacher in Calgary is incorporating Twitter into her lesson plans.

Then, a year later, they began incorporating digital trickery into their costumes.

More and more conformation shows seem to be incorporating agility into their lineups.

It will have three tiers, incorporating a widened player tunnel and new team benches.

He says incorporating technology into learning is essential to connecting with students.

Couples who have used the words in recent months have found different ways of incorporating them.

945396 With a focus on incorporating craft, digital technologies and environmental responsibility.

Delaware, where Kickstarter is reincorporating, began allowing public-benefit corporations in 2013.

Such “inversion deals” can allow U.S. companies to get lower tax rates by reincorporating overseas.

One healthy behavior during these colds months that could help is incorporating soups into your diet.

I discovered the concept of self-compassion and chose to devote 2014 to incorporating it into my life.