Incoherent in a sentence

Use Incoherent in a sentence

Incoherent meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] not organized clearly; difficult to understand;

The government’s policy seems incoherent and unorganized.

But I’m frustrated with the incoherent policy that led us to this point.

The more he drank, the more incoherent his speech became.

The victim was crying and mumbling incoherently when the police found her.

Her words came wildly fast and almost incoherent.

Procedure in the early federal courts was rather incoherent.

Her article and speech were rambling and incoherent.

The individual was ranting and raving incoherent statements, Johnson said.

The last sentence of your post was incoherent.

Pamela rambled incoherently in the bedroom and went outside.