Inclination in a sentence

Use Inclination in a sentence

Inclination meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] tendency; a feeling making you do something; a leaning toward;

Her immediate inclination was to turn him down.

Some individuals possess a natural inclination to help others.

Shannon showed an inclination towards mechanical and electrical things.

Her father was a very cultured person which is perhaps why her inclination for art developed.

This is leader’s inclination to seek out pleasant social relationships.

She was thinking of moving to a smaller place, but it’s against all her inclinations.

The bombs had given him the inclination to run.

His family’s nobility and wealth allowed him to fully pursue his inclination toward education.

We ask questions designed to reveal his inclinations , and we scan his face for clues.

So his inclinations began to turn to writing – composing and arranging.