incident in a sentence

use incident  in a sentence


A single distinct event, often of little importance;

We shouldn’t make any assumptions until we have heard from everyone involved in the incident.

The politician didn’t appear in public after the incident.

Since unexpected incidents occurred one after another, the exhibition was called off.

The incident occurred while Secretary of State, Powell, was visiting Japan.

Police have arrested a suspect in the beating of a young lad after a fellow bragged about the incident at a local pub.

There has been a serious breach in relations between the two countries as a result of the incident.

The student tried to bribe his English teacher into passing him, but the teacher refused and reported the incident to her supervisor.

The Ambassador cautioned the President against making any public statements regarding the incident.

In 1969, customers at a gay bar in New York clashed with police in an incident many consider to be the birth of the homosexual rights movement.