Incessant in a sentence

Use Incessant in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] without stopping, constant;

Incessant rain has submerged different parts of the capital in affecting roads and crossroads throughout downtown Dhaka.

These peculiar rocks in Cappadocia are sculpted by incessant waves and wind.

The film is memorable for its almost incessant use of the phrase, “Leave the Bronx!

He was also paranoid, very hard to get along with and drank incessantly.

His wife, Thora, was noted for her incessant talking while giving her husband a hard time.

He worked incessantly on the project, and became sleep-deprived to the point of exhaustion and was forced to take to his bed.

He was exhausted by years of incessant work.

Flooding was caused by incessant rain from Wednesday night to Friday night in some districts in western Nepal.

Kindergartens and summer camps in Israeli areas near Gaza have decamped to bomb shelters amid the incessant rocket fire.

The First Nation has already spent $35 million on temporary protection over the past few years battling incessant floods.

He said everything would be done to provide aid and restore bridges and communication links washed away by the incessant rains.