Inadvertent in a sentence

Use Inadvertent in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] not intentional , accidental;

This checking system prevents unauthorized access or inadvertent deletion of the file.

In our daily life we experience inadvertent exposure to chemicals many times.

I am really sorry that I may have inadvertently caused his death.

All procedures need constant monitoring so as to avoid any inadvertent side-effects.

Spam programs and viruses can be spread inadvertently by flashdisks.

We apologize if we have inadvertently omitted anybody in our thanks list.

Spelling function would help people spot any inadvertent errors.

Such a device shall be protected against inadvertent rotation or wrong manipulation.

Whatever mistakes were made were inadvertent.

Members shall address and rectify any inadvertent infringement that may occur.

Errors or inadvertent omissions relating to individual employees shall not constitute a violation.