in front of || in a sentence

In a recent study conducted at a museum, researchers measured the popularity of each exhibit by noting how quickly the floor tiles in front of the display needed to be replaced.

Find someone who is reluctant to speak English in front of a group.

It is very intimidating to speak in front of an audience, especially when you are doing it in a foreign language.

Bend your knees and look in front of you.

He walked to and fro in front of her house.

She stood naked in front of the mirror, and examined her body for signs of fat.

I will wait for you in front of the radio station.

The police paraded the captured escapees in front of the media.

We spent a romantic evening in front of the fireplace after a wonderful day of skiing.

Peace advocates held a demonstration in front of the British Embassy to protest the government’s involvement in the conflict.

Please don’t curse in front of the children, I don’t want them to learn your bad language.

A Dutch proverb advises that you should sweep in front of your own door before you look after your neighbor’s.

We were cruising along the highway with the top down on the convertible when a deer ran in front of the car, and almost caused us to crash.

Find someone who has performed in front of an audience.

Our cat likes to scratch the trunk of the tree in front of our house.

This guy at the casino kept winning at blackjack, and he had a pile of chips worth hundreds of dollars on the table in front of him.

Sitting in front of the television, he had a totally blank expression on his face.

The cat lay on the carpet in front of the fireplace, curled up into a furry little ball.