in front of her in a sentence

She crossed her long legs in front of her and leaned back in her chair.

The young girl blushed with embarrassment when her father hugged her in front of her friends.

The young girl’s face flushed with embarrassment when her new boyfriend kissed her in front of her friends.

Her face was flushed with embarrassment after her boyfriend kissed her in front of her friends.

The woman screamed in terror when the killer suddenly appeared in front of her with a huge knife in his hand.

He walked to and fro in front of her house.

You cannot be too polite in front of her.

Two friends were stabbed to death in front of her, one with a machete.

She planned to spend the evening putting sandbags in front of her garage.

She’s neatly arranged stacks of tax forms on her table in front of her.

It was here that Murphy had her cuffs changed from behind her back to in front of her.

While it came in a loss, Bird was still happy for a chance to do it in front of her hometown fans.

Seen here is Cooper’s paternal grandmother, Hannah, standing in front of her Nebraska home in 1943.